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Hi, I’m Nicolas. I’m a Gestalt Therapist

The first step in a therapeutic process is always making the decision to get help from a professional. You have made the brave decision to take better care of yourself. Congratulations, I’m here to help you !

Therapy with me provides a space to really express what is going on for you. It’s a non-jugmental space but I’m an active therapist. I listen with empathy and offer you feedback based on what I’m hearing. It’s important to have a dialogue, explore what is going on for you in new ways and begin making practical changes. So welcome and let’s talk !

Nicolas Laheurte



The Therapy of Awareness and Self-Responsability in the Now!

Individuals, Adolescents, Couples

    Individuals therapy

    At times of personal difficulty, Gestalt offers people a safe, supportive space to explore difficult feelings, to understand the underlying patterns in personal relationships and to begin making practical changes.

    Adolescents therapy

    Adolescence is more than simply an individual’s journey from childhood to adulthood. “Growing up” can be challenging and the developmental process can cause various degrees of stress for the adolescent and within the family system. 

    Couples therapy

    Gestalt couples therapy focusses on the contact in the relationship. Blame and fault are not to the forefront, the ability to move forward and solve difficulties in the relationship is the primary process.


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