Nicolas Laheurte

How I experienced the inner freedom of choice:

I lived in four different countries.

I embraced different careers in different major worldwide companies.

My path has always been about experiencing and growing continuously: emotionaly, mentaly and spiritualy.

I made significants encouters through my journey, understanding the role of our influences and experiences in our development can help us connect to our true self.

I’m aware now that the qualities of the relationship with our therapist, and the work done within this partnership, can help us to do this.

I’m a qualified Gestalt psychotherapist:


My approach

The therapeutic relationship



The therapeutic relationship

I have a warm, empathic, interactive, and down-to-earth style that I believe helps individuals feel comfortable, supported, and understood. Creating a trusting therapeutic relationship and providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment where one can express and explore their personal challenges is of great importance to me. I believe that a strong therapeutic partnership is how true growth and change occur and I will work with you to explore your challenges and identify new possibilities that allow you to move forward in your life.

As a therapist trained in Gestalt therapy I have come to learn that the most essential ingredient for successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. With great care and insight, I tailor my approach to the specific needs and personal style of each client.


Aware of mind and body,  I pay close attention to all aspects of the client : his verbal expression, affect, posture, gestures, life-experiences and way of being in the world. Enhancing awareness helps the client see how they all work together and restore balance when things feel confusing or scattered, as well as reintagrate all the disowned parts of his personality.


Finally, there is the element of self-responsability, where  I help the client learn to become more responsible for his life and stops blaming others or circumstances for his distress, thus, regaining power and therefore the possibility to use it at his own will.

Greater holistic awareness and increased insight into how we think, feel and act is very liberating. It builds self-confidence, frees people to address issues and helps them to live life to its fullest potential.


You have made the brave decision to take better care of yourself. Gestalt is  a highly effective and empowering change process for working with individuals, couples and groups.